Restaurant Menu

APPETIZERS & SOUPS (12oz & 16oz Soups are served with Side Salad or Potato Salad)

Fried Green Tomatoes with Crawfish Sauce $13 ($9 without Crawfish Sauce)
New Orleans Style Seafood Gumbo- $7 (Cup) $9 (12oz), $14 (16oz)*
New Orleans Style Seafood Gumbo with Okra $7 (Cup), $9 (12oz), $14 (16oz)*

SALADS (Dressings: KCK House “Cajun Comeback”, Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Italian, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard)
Shrimp Salad (Grilled or Fried)* $14
Chicken Salad (Grilled or Fried) $12
Traditional Garden Salad $5

KIDS MENU (Served with a Drink, Fries, Chips, or Side Salad) KIDS 10 & UNDER
Fried Chicken Tenders $6
Fried Shrimp * $7
Red Beans & Rice with Beef Smoke Sausage $6

N’AWLINS SPECIALITY DISHES (Served with Side Salad or Potato Salad)
Red Beans Rice & Beef Smoke Sausage $13
Seafood Jambalaya (Shrimp, Chicken Breast, Beef & Chicken Smoke Sausage)* $19
Chicken & Beef Smoke Sausage Jambalaya $15
Crawfish Etouffee* $22

N’AWLINS STYLE PO-BOYS         (Served with Fries, Chips, Side Salad or Potato Salad)
Po-boys are dressed with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes with pickles & lemons on side.
Shrimp (Fried or Grilled)* $12
Oyster*  $16
Soft Shell Crab* $13
Patton’s Hot Sausage  $11
Sloppy Roast Beef  $12
Chicken Tenders (Fried or Grilled)  $11
Fried Green Tomato Fried Shrimp with Crawfish Sauce* $15

PLATTERS (Served with Fries or Baked Potato and Side Salad)
Shrimp (Fried or Grilled)* $17
Oyster* $22
Shrimp & Oyster* $21
Soft Shell Crab (1)* $16
Soft Shell Crab (2)* $22

French Fries-$2
Sweet Potato Fries-$3
Bake Potato-$5
Sock-It-To-ME Potato Salad-$4
Red Beans & Rice-$6

New Orleans Style Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce - $7
Bourbon Pecan Pie-$8

$2 (Free Refills)
BREWS $4.95 (Happy Hour 5pm-Close, 2 for 1)


*Allergy Warning:  Contains Shellfish –10/3/14 - Prices are subject to change